[ little. ] by kelly marie dunn

Meet Kelly Marie Dunn... In late 2013, a favorite best girlfriend from Kelly's hometown of Portland, Oregon announced her pregnancy, inspiring her to want to gift that friend with fabulous items from her heart + hands. The first few pairs created for that sweet baby girl certainly had flaws... After lots of revisions, self-doubt, and cheerleading from loved ones, Kelly worked very hard to perfect her products, and then took them online shortly thereafter. Now, after having shipped to every single U.S. state and dozens of international locations, she considers herself "Fairy Fab-Mother" to all the sweet babes she creates for!

Every single detail -- down to the design of the branded packaging, custom labels, and the cheerfully pink handmade stamp near your shipping address -- has been personally obsessed over by Kelly... Each pair of baby booties, and each piece of clothing is hand-cut, sewn, wrapped, packaged, and shipped with tons of love. Nothing goes unnoticed!
Today, each order is prepared in a smoke-free, pet-free workshop in the heart of the American South: Atlanta, Georgia. In support of entrepreneurs & creatives like herself, Kelly does her best to pay it forward by purchasing textiles and supplies from other small shops and independent designers wherever possible.


Please join the brand's Instagram tribe of small shops, makers and moms: @little.kmd  - It's an everyday thrill to see images of your sweet little ones in something created by this small business born from friendship, creativity, and LOVE.